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Carrie & the brand in the hand

A few of us lucky souls went along to the brand museum last week to learn about design. The day was hosted by the bright and passionate jkr and was one to remember! I think all of us who attended the day underestimated the impact it would have on the way we think about brands and marketing.
The lady running the day was Jeanie Bergin from Thinking Wide. She took us on a real journey – she was passionate, authentic and very inspirational. Rather than talk through, or attempt to do justice to, what she said I have picked out some key points that will step change any marketeers work:

1. a great brief will deliver great work
Sounds simple right? So how much time do you spend writing and fine-tuning your briefs until they are truly brilliant? You should do that with the aim to steal the shower time of every creative soul who sees it.
2. Design is about intuition
Think about your view on design if there was no formula, or process, or benchmark.
3. Less is more
If you had to pay a million dollars for everything on your pack what would you keep?
4. Forget your ads
If you were a business that could only invest in packaging what would you do?
5. If it is generic, lose it
Generic category cues make your brand susceptible to own label. Remove the items that are not truly unique to your brand (within reason)
6. Create iconic work
Commoditisation is a consequence of your behaviour and not an inevitability. Make your brand confident – that means not shouting about all you do but knowing deep down
7. Don’t make it bigger
Don’t make the logo bigger, make the idea bigger. Don’t add without removing.
8. Find the sweet spot
Dig tirelessly to find the point at which the brand idea and the design idea meet.
9. Spot the tag
Why use a tagline in an ad and not bring it on pack?
10. Find a language for design speak
Use a scorecard to evaluate design against your objectives. Don’t just judge it on your intuition – do that first and then work through your scorecard. The design might stand out but if it is doing so because it is off brand then you can start to dissect that.

As well as these point Jeanie had some brilliant insights and they were delivered with heart & soul, passion & belief!

Just one of her comments was “to always have a divine discontent that you should always make things better”. If I could take that day and bottle it I sure would make every marketeer I know have a good swig!

Thank you JKR & Jeanie


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