Cussing, learning and a bucket load of inspiration by Chris

How time flies! The Albion digital faculty day was over 2 weeks ago now, but despite needing to put everything at Concept Cupboard on pause for a day, it was an incredibly useful & interesting day out of the office. Actually I am underselling it a little. For me as a small business owner it was bloody fantastic.

Spending time in the funky Tea Building hearing people like Emi Gal, Elizabeth Varley, Reshma Sohoni & Clive Dickens talk about their successes & how they got started was not only inspiring but also quite reassuring. Their success didn’t happen over night. It was really hard work. And at certain points some they were winging it. Brilliant!

Tea Building

Having looked through my notes this would turn into a rather long essay if i was to share all of the learnings, so here are my favourite few:

Client relationships count
Two of the speakers on the day were clients of Albion. The fact that these very senior clients took time out of their busy schedules to prepare a presentation and then deliver it to us just reinforced how important client/agency relationships can be. It’s not about being a supplier, but being a partner. Albion obviously has close relationships with those clients and I am sure it pays dividends. Not only for Albion, but for the clients too.

Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger
Emi Gal told us a great story about becoming a media mogul in Romania. It didn’t happen & the business failed. But that setback didn’t put Emi off and he started something new and is now flying high with Brainient – a Seecamp winner.

Find time to get involved in other stuff
Mark & I were chatting to Jason Goodman during lunch it was incredible to hear how many things he is involved in. Despite running an agency and having a family he still finds time to act as a board director for tech startups & mentor businesses at Seedcamp. Those outside interests not only broaden your network but help you keep your finger on the pulse and give you fresh ideas for the day job.

Surround yourself with the best people
And that applies equally to your network, your team or your company. Emi mentioned its importance to the success of Brainient and Sally Cowdry said the same thing about her team at O2 in a mentoring session last week.

Luckily for us scholars Sherilyn, Camilla & Michaela have done a lot of the hard work for us by putting together the Marketing Academy.

No one knows more swear words than Helen
The Swear Jar exercise was a lot of fun and congratulations to Mark, Sarah, Selina, Fraser and Josh for their win with #fuckfamine. But a special mention has to go out to the potty-mouthed Helen who stunned us all with her vast knowledge of swear words.

For those of you who couldn’t make it you can access some of the presentations below. They are well worth a look:

Ten Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs [slideshare id=8988396&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

SoLoMo (Albion workshop)[slideshare id=8977461&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the faculty days but if they are all of a similar quality then we scholars are going to be spoilt rotten (as if we weren’t already).

Thank you to Tech Hub, Seedcamp, Brainient, Twitter, Jose Cuervo, Absolute Radio, Joost, Adconion for their talks. And an extra special thank you to Albion for putting it all together.


One thought on “Cussing, learning and a bucket load of inspiration by Chris

  1. Hi Chris, just want to say i loved your blog re Albion day and the learning that stands out for you.
    Hope you meet you at one of the MA lectures or parties –
    Adrienne Candy (a MA coach)

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