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Instant Motivation by Chantal Burns

The core focus is ‘State of Mind and performance’ and the crucial relationship between the two.  Her research study which underpins the book reveals some vital truths and pervasive misunderstandings about performance that when understood, can transform how we operate in our work lives as leaders but also in our personal lives and communities.

Chantal’s book is WHSmiths selected ‘Recommended Non-Fiction Book of the Month’. For more information on the book check out the website here

‘Reveals the vital difference between how we really think and how we think we think’  Rory Sutherland, VP, Ogivly & Mather.

“Chantal Burns has managed to bring simplicity and clarity to a subject that has the potential to be vastly over-complicated.  Using practical examples and case studies, the real power of this book goes well beyond motivation and lies in Chantal’s articulation of how thought works, which when embraced has the potential to have a fundamental impact on your life at work and home.  A great read.”   Tom Probert, Head of Marketing, Dyno Services

“This is a thoughtful and deceptively powerful book that will change how you approach relationships, work situations and your own motivation. Understanding state of mind, bridges the gap between how we think life works and how it actually works and this is a revelation that could benefit millions.”   Stuart Taylor, CEO, Kinetic Worldwide

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