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Karen Tweedie

Karen Tweedie is located in Melbourne, Australia. She is an executive coach with extensive experience in performance, career and transition coaching. She has coached CEOs, MDs, Senior Executives and those aspiring to senior roles across the telecommunications, IT, banking & finance, health, mining, manufacturing and consulting industries. Karen works with leaders to support them and to achieve their objectives by getting the most from all of the resources available to them – particularly their own people and their key stakeholders. In this way the leader can set a team culture that authentically aligns their vision and values with that of the organisation.

Karen is a pioneer of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in Australia. In her role as Global Board Chair of the ICF in 2009, Karen faced the challenges that confront many leaders – managing a geographically and culturally diverse team across multiple time-zones. her focus was on building strong relationships between the elected board and the management team that served it, developing strategic relations with other key players, ensuring the right level of inclusion within the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Karen’s unique approach to coaching leaders is informed by a systemic mindset, seeing the leader’s role in terms of the broader organizational system. She always customises her approach for the particular client. With some clients she will call on Systemic Constellation principles to map the complex (and simple) human and organizational systems of which they are a prat, to reveal hidden dynamics and new resources, bring to light new perspectives and possibilities, test approaches and/or refocus efforts to reinvigorate their achievement and contribution to the organisation.

As a leader Karen navigates change with courage, a keen sense of the ridiculous and an infectious sense of humour. As a coach she enjoys finding whether a situation requires focused, serious thought or a good belly laugh. Karen is a coaching educator, supervisor and author: chapter on Issues of Gender in Coaching (Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching, Jossey-Bass 2011; committee member of Australian Standards Organization’s Handbook of Coaching in Organisations (HB 322 – 2011)