Katrina Darnbrough, Career coach & Executive Coach – Engaging Mindsets

Katrina has had a career of nearly 20 years in financial services, retail and the health sector. Her roles were predominately change and people focused through channel development, learning and development, coaching, productivity projects, and change management.

In the latter stages of her corporate life Katrina juggled a busy career, children, home renovations whilst her partner also had a busy executive career. Through this period the epiphany came that middle management and specialist roles often lack the executive coaching and support that senior executives are often offered. Katrina became determined to explore this problem and help fill that void.

Katrina is an accredited Coach, has now been a Career Coach/Executive coach since 2012, and has now successfully supported people to achieve career clarity and change across financial services, not for profit, health, fashion, elite sports. Often the start is the individual looking to re-align their role, gain a promotion, take an entirely different career path or they are frustrated about their current position. Sometimes it’s confirming you are in the right role and on the right trajectory. In coaching, Katrina focuses on people’s strength’s, is creative and pragmatic. She believes in assisting people to reframe their ways of thinking to open up the opportunity to operate at their best, authentically and wholeheartedly creating space for personal growth that delivers a step lift in performance and work satisfaction.