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Selina Ryan, Leadership development: Executive and business coaching – Equilibrio – Coaching Company

For some people, the term Ôexecutive or business coach’ can be confusing.

This is ironic, because a highly qualified coach like Selina Ryan helps all of her clients cut through their confusion and become more focused, more effective and much clearer about their goals. Then, Selina works with you to see that those goals are achieved to a timetable developed with you.

With a Masters in Organisational Coaching and training in Neurosemantics, Selina is an expert communicator, highly diplomatic and aware of the internal dynamics of businesses from SMEs to large corporates. Her ability to hold strong and robust conversations enables her clients to unlock practical solutions, gain real insights and and bring their full potential into action. The business leaders who engage Selina come to regard her as their partner on a journey to much greater and more meaningful achievements.

Twenty years in coaching, communications, media and marketing in Australia and the UK have taught Selina many valuable lessons about how to build leadership skills.

ÒCoaching people for leadership and building dynamic teams has been at the core of my career. What I truly love about this job is seeing my clients coming away with a real sense of their own strength. A look in their eye that shows that everything is switched on and whatever has been holding them back or frustrating them is a thing of the past.

ÓWhile Selina will challenge you, pushing you out of your comfort zone, she will also make you laugh and leave you feeling much more capable, assured and fluent in your decision-making. A more demanding role will feel like a natural transition that you can handle with ease.

ÒA number of my clients come to me when they have been given a major promotion. They have what it takes but are feeling the pressure and start to second guess themselves. Coaching clears away all of that. I also make sure that the other aspects of balance – health, exercise – are there to support success in business.Ó