StJohn Miall

StJohn has been working in the field of personal and leadership development for over 30 years. He is the founder of Keep Evolving, a niche consultancy specialising in the development of individuals, teams and organisations in making the transition from Reactive to Creative Leadership.

Effective leaders become the wise and engaging leaders they are through experience and through a commitment to discovering and mastering their own Inner Game. This means discovering and coming to terms with their own inner landscape made up of the beliefs, motivations and habits that guide their actions and decision-making. In this respect, StJohn sees his coaching role as being a knowledgeable and supportive guide to mastering the Inner Game.

StJohn has extensive experience in working with individuals and teams in a variety of industries, including Financial Services, IT, Energy, Motor Vehicles, Clothing, Tertiary Education, Pharmaceutical and several not-for-profits and charities.

More recently he has been working closely with The Leadership Circle and is an Associate Consultant in their consulting arm, The Full Circle Group.

StJohn is recognised for his capacity to see through complex issues and bring clarity out of confusion. As a facilitator, he is empathetic and has a commitment to making the teaching space both fun and transformational.

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