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Therese Kallie, Communication & Marketing Excellence Director – Nestlé Australia

ThŽrse joined NestlŽe Australia to head up Marketing and Consumer Communication. In a world where Engagement and Receptivity are key to building sustainable Brand relationships with consumers – ThŽerese brings a passion for Consumer and is proud to have led development of some outstanding Creative Ideas which continue to build Brand equity over time.

ThŽerese joined Nestle South Africa in 2005 from the Advertising Industry where she spent 10 years with some of the worlds leading Creative Brand Building Agencies culminating in the position of VP Global Planning Director at Leo Burnett Chicago.

Prior to entering the Advertising industry in 1994, TheŽrese who has a Post Graduate diploma in Marketing had spent 10 years in classical Marketing where she learned the necessary rigor of commercial delivery, product development and the hard core retail aspects of the FMCG & Healthcare industry.

ThŽrse is a mother of 3 – a grandmother of 2 and a pet lover. Her family keeps her up to date and interested in understanding trends in music, fashion and technology. Her love of foreign travel allows her to indulge her curious nature – interacting and experiencing people, environments and food from different cultures.

Imagination, curiosity and the ability to take action are some of the attributes Therese believes will separate the good from the great Marketers of the future.