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Ciaran Norris, Director of Marketing & Business Insights Consultation for American Express

Ciar‡n has been working online since getting a job in an internet cafŽ in Sydney in 1999. He currently leads a regional team at American Express providing marketing services, data & analytics to its merchant clients across the JAPA/APAC region. Since joining Amex he has driven a culture of innovation within his team, rolling out new marketing & data products to support clients including major airlines, hotel chains and retailers.

Prior to Amex Ciar‡n spent most of his career in publishing and agencies. He started in online publishing, setting-up the first SEO training programme for journalists at the UK B2B publisher RBI, before moving agency side. At digital marketing agency Altogether he was responsible for award winning campaigns as Head of Search & Social. He then spent 5 years at global media agency Mindshare, as the first Head of Social in their worldwide office in London, the first Head of Digital at Mindshare in Ireland and then the first Chief Digital Officer for Mindshare Australia. During his time at Mindshare he helped win & retain major clients and ran a number of innovative initiatives and campaigns to ‘normalise’ digital at Mindshare and its clients.

Immediately prior to Amex Ciar‡n worked at Yahoo7’s, heading the Strategy & Integration team within the sales organisation, where he led the commercial roll-out of Tumblr in Australia.
Throughout his career he has worked closely with the IAB, sitting on its mobile working group in Australia and has also been lucky enough to speak at major marketing & advertising events around the world, and been asked to contribute to a well known media outlets including the UK’s BBC & Channel 4 News.

He loves to blog about his twin passions of music and tech, but his two young daughters mean that happens less than it used to.