Linda monique, Founder, Almo

Linda has over 10 years of experience in the Food and Marketing Industry. A driven entrepreneur and change maker, her focus has been to push boundaries, always. She initiates projects and runs businesses that address unmet consumer needs. Working as a serial entrepreneur and marketing consultant for corporate clients, she often combines technology and her expertise in branding, food and global retail.

Currently, Linda is the CEO and Founder of Almo Milk, an Australian almond beverage company which she launched in 2015. Through Monique’s vision and drive, Almo is now distributed in 6 countries and can be found at Woolworths, premium grocers, hotels and cafes.

Whilst launching Almo Milk and even to this day, Linda continues to shape the Food & Beverage industry, consulting for Nestec (Nestle Switzerland), Akkomplice Group (Kellogg’s) and Coles Supermarkets (Digital).

Before moving back to Australia, Linda worked in London and Milan where she lectured in Food Design at Milan NABA University, exhibited as a Designer at Milan Design Week, collaborated with Andaz (Hyatt Hotels) in a range of experiential events for London Design Festival and was a Ted Talks speaker on a ‘World Without Chocolate’ in Amsterdam. Her experiences overseas were pivotal in shaping her approach to business.

Linda has received multiple awards and accolades throughout her career, from her peers and industry professionals, most notably, The Victorian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year 2018 and Wallpaper Magazine Next Generation Award.

Outside of milking almonds, Linda shares a love of golf, Aperol spritz, Marie Kondo minimalism and travelling.