Sergio Brodsky, Strategy Director – Starcom Mediavest Group

Sergio is Strategy Director at Starcom Mediavest Group, Melbourne. He is an internationally experienced innovation, media and brand marketing professional as well as a lecturer, frequent industry speaker and columnist for Marketing Magazine (AUS) and Merca 2.0 (MEX) with regular contributions to numerous other publishers worldwide. Sergio began his career in Intellectual Property Law (Brazil) and progressed as a business strategy consultant (Israel) before pivoting towards marketing strategy roles (UK and Australia), 9 years ago. He holds a BA in IP Law and an MBA in global brand strategy and innovation.

Beyond a belief, Sergio holds the conviction that the development of great brands relies on outstanding insights, intellectual curiosity and the ability for seamless connection between strategy, media and creative, delivering superior experience and utility. Great strategists are able to draw on multiple and diverse sources, make often unseen connections and translate these into distinctive and compelling ideas. Sergio lives and breathes the creative oxygen lying in the intersection of culture and technology, giving him the nuanced sensitivity to address consumers’ unarticulated desires and address challenges across people’s journeys with innovative marketing approaches.

Lastly, Sergio is a true global citizen, being multilingual and with Brazilian and Israeli citizenships, British and Australian residencies. Living and working in international metropolises with divergent cultural, political and economic realities have greatly informed his unique worldview and drive to making a positive social impact.