Skye Rugless, CRM Strategist – The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Skye is a creator of experiences. Whether she is planning a holiday with friends, using innovative technology to create a new customer experience or building an environment for her team to flourish, Skye’s commitment is the same. Deliver authentic, meaningful and personalised experiences for the betterment of others.

Having held senior marketing roles in Australia and the UK, Skye has deep knowledge of market segmentation and experience helping companies better connect with their customers.

For the last six years, Skye has worked for News Corp in the UK and Australia. She currently holds the role of Head of Subscriptions for News Corp Australia’s premium masthead, The Australian, where she leads a lean team of marketers responsible for more than 60% of total business revenue. With a remit encompassing all points along the acquisition and retention lifecycle, she engages assiduously with all stakeholders, from the call centre to the publication’s editors.

Prior to this role, Skye spent four years developing her deep customer lifecycle knowledge as the Head of Retention, Engagement & Loyalty at The Times in London. There she worked to transform the CRM program into a sophisticated, multi-channel strategy that grew business revenue and increased customer advocacy.

Skye loves the fast paced nature of media and feeds off the energy of the newsroom. She also geeks out on the behavioural science component of customer relationship marketing, having worked on a number of neuro-marketing projects – including one that was featured in a Freakonomics podcast.

Prior to News Corp, Skye worked in the telecommunications and insurance industries, developing and delivering successful retention and loyalty strategies.

Skye holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Arts (Psychology) from The University of Wollongong.

Out of work you’ll find Skye travelling and listening to true crime podcasts (like The Teacher’s Pet and Who the hell is Hamish? which Skye was very excited to work on).

Skye brings determination, curiosity and care to everything she does – she is thrilled to throw herself into the Marketing Academy class of 2019.