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Stop thinking about applying for Marketing Academy and do it!

I knew Marketing Academy was going to be a hell of a ride before I applied for it as I know a couple of previous scholars, so I thought I was prepared. However, the experiences I have had with Academy have surpassed anything I expected. Surpassed it to such a degree that I often pinch myself to make sure it’s real. If you are serious about marketing then Marketing Academy is an opportunity like no other.  . Academy teaches you things about marketing as a discipline you didn’t know (faculty days), gives you skills needed to progress your career (Living leader) and gives you access to some of the most inspiring and influential people you will ever meet (mentors, boot camps and scholars).

Marketing Academy is built on the guiding principle of ‘pay it forward’. It’s staggering how many people you will have access to talk to throughout the year, opening up doors that you never thought were possible. For me, the mentoring sessions have been particularly valuable. They offer the chance to get beneath the skin of what makes some of the UK’s brightest minds tick and learn about how they got to where they are. These sessions are amazing because you have the opportunity to ask whatever questions you like. Nothing is off limits so they really help you learn how these leaders approach and solve problems, make career choices and to get a sense of what set them apart from those around them to get to where they are today.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or so the saying goes. Boot camps are intense and inspirational but also a hell of a lot of fun! The scholars are chosen from all walks of life, entrepreneurs, agencies, clients and a range of ages so it becomes a bit of a melting pot when you meet up. The great thing about that is that everyone views problems from a different mind-set. It makes boot camp and group sessions interesting as you can see and learn from the different approaches people take. Boot camp and events throughout the year bring all the scholars together, there’s a reunion feel to each one and needless to say, they can get out of hand.


If you are thinking of applying for the Marketing Academy, then think no more, stop reading this, and do it.




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