The Definitive Book of Branding by Kartikeya Kompella

Twenty Global Experts Cover Branding Through a Unique Approach

With the growing body of knowledge on branding, there are now more facets of branding that brand custodians need to know than ever before. A unique compilation of branding experts, The Definitive Book of Branding addresses the needs of branding professionals across the world.

Al Ries, Adam Morgan, JN Kapferer, Kevin Roberts, Patrick Hanlon and many more experts/authors feature together for the first time in The Definitive Book of Branding.

The book walks the reader through the different ways in which brands drive the company’s strategy, bring meaning to employees, instil passion in consumers, and maintain their appeal over time and across countries.

It does not look only at the marketing aspect of brands but also at the organizational aspects of branding, which provides a holistic approach to the subject.

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