The Social Entrepreneur’s A-Z by Liam Black

The A-Z quite literally takes you through the A-Z of social entrepreneurship from common anxieties such as ‘will my ideas succeed?’ right through to the Zzzz of getting enough sleep to be able to deal with whatever life throws at you. Many of the elements discussed in the book are not necessarily ‘new’, but they are, however, extremely relevant to anyone starting out on a new business venture.

Written in response to a speech Liam Black gave to 150 young aspiring social entrepreneurs last year, the A-Z offers a very candid and witty insight into his own personal experiences as a social entrepreneur. I’d recommend this book for anyone looking to start out in the entrepreneurial world looking for a quick and easy read without getting bogged down by the information-ridden world of entrepreneurship advice.

The A-Z offers a new take on the traditional business book, perhaps emphasising the more contemporary importance of the social entrepreneur. Where the social entrepreneur aims to come up with innovative solutions for society’s more pressing social problems, the A-Z offers a more human take on the day-to-day problems facing entrepreneurs.

Liam Black’s warts and all admittance of his previous commercial struggles, and even failures, alongside a very thought-provoking foreword from Professor Muhammad Yunus (the founder of Grameen Bank) leaves the reader with a sense of genuine honesty gained from an experienced social entrepreneur.

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