The Marketing Academy Virtual Campus Program

  • The Marketing Academy Virtual Campus Program is a rolling 12 month development syllabus of masterclasses, workshops and lectures aimed at inspiring, developing, and empowering talent in marketing, media & advertising globally
  • During the year the syllabus will include circa 24 one hour LIVE learning sessions covering Leadership, Personal Development, Skills Development and Wellbeing. The sessions will be delivered by some of the best speakers & educators in the world
  • The Virtual Campus Program is completely free to attend but is by invitation only
  • Enrolment to the Virtual Campus Program is not open to the public; TMA Virtual Campus Program syllabus is designed and curated exclusively for The Marketing Academy Scholars, Fellows, Alumni, Mentors, Coaches, Partners who can invite their teams and employees or via a ‘Special Invitation’
  • The Virtual Campus Program is delivered through in an online portal ‘The Virtual Campus Hub’ and all Virtual Campus attendees must enrol via the Hub

Golden Ticket Application

The Marketing Academy are acutely aware that our industry has faced tough times, and we are committed to providing ongoing support to the industry, so if you have been made redundant, let go or currently working on a freelance basis you are eligible to enrol for a ‘Golden Ticket’ for the Virtual Campus Program. 

The Golden Ticket gives you access to the Virtual Campus Program for 12 months.

To apply for a Golden ticket, complete & submit the form below: