Bumblebee Collective – a new Marketing Academy Scholar takes flight

Ruth Nye was on the scholarship programme in 2014. Since then she has left her job working in PR, re-trained as a life coach, started a family and opened two new businesses. She also got a puppy, just to really take her to the edge of her sanity! The Marketing Academy has weaved its way through all of these things. It gave her the confidence to go for gold and go out on her own. Her coach inspired her to retrain as a coach.

When she and her husband started up The Farmhouse at Redcoats (a beautiful 500 year old farmhouse hotel in Hertfordshire and DRUM ROLL PLEASE location for the future MA Scholars Boot Camps and Fellow Residentials) it was her MA cohort that helped her refine the look of the brand and Sherilyn and team that selected it as the setting as TMA’s home from home.

Ruth’s new business Bumblebee Collective was brainstormed over late night/early morning whatsapp messages with her cohort. They advised her on branding and intellectual property, supported her by giving up their time and talent to develop her first event and generally have been the best group of ‘HYPE PEOPLE’ she could ask for.

The company will see Ruth do her marketing consulting, life coaching and events under one banner. She took inspiration for the name from the bee hives at the farmhouse. Bees connect and cross-pollinate or get together and mix things up, both of which she is totally on board with. They also are not supposed to fly, it is not aerodynamics that get them off of the ground, it is sheer brute force and effort. Again something which she relates to having thrown so much at this new business to get it on its feet.


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