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Jonty Rooke

Jonty has twenty years of senior executive experience in the luxury sector, leading teams and business units across the UK and Europe, working with international brands like Harrods and Escada.  Alongside this Jonty has also started and grown small businesses in the recruitment and consulting industry, specializing in areas like brand development and market research.

Five years ago Jonty retrained as a coach and has since worked with clients including global private members clubs, international environmental charities and innovative smoothie drinks brands. Here his broad range of skills and experience, particularly in understanding the importance of how we communicate and share our values with our teams, our clients and the wider community around us, has achieved remarkable results.  Jonty practices a form of compassionate coaching that places mental wellbeing and mindset management at the heart of the process to ensure embedded and sustainable growth of both individuals and organisations.    

Jonty is an accredited personal and professional development coach and NLP practitioner. After studying Psychology and Philosophy and Witwatersrand University in South Africa he also completed two years of military service.

As an ardent advocate of regular exercise Jonty has a daily hot yoga practice and is training to complete the Dunwich Dynamo 120mile overnight cycling challenge on a tandem.