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Antreas Athanassopoulos, Chief Customer Officer & CEO Financial Services – Dixons Carphone

Antreas is the Chief customer Officer and the CEO of financial services at DixonsCarphone (since 2018) a newly formed Executive committee role associated with the customer led transformation taking place at the company. He looks after insights, analytics and BI, Customer strategy and value propositions, Customer Experience, Go to market, Marketing, CRM, Store formats, Services & service operations and Financial Services functions. Prior to moving to London, Antreas was the CEO of the Greek Dixonscarphone business for 5 years leading a turnaround that led to a 50% increase in sales and an industry worldclass net return of sales of more than 4%.

Before joining the pure retail battlefield Antreas worked for 15 years in financial services leading the end to end retail banking activities across three major banks in Greece. In that remit he was involved with 5 green field operations across Europe, operational CRM, personal banking deployment functions, Small business banking and credit/debit card transformation projects.

Antreas has entered customer and marketing space after a five year academic career on decision sciences at Warwick business school. He has a BSc in applied maths, an MSc in Statistics and Operational Research and PhD in Decision Sciences. He has published in 5* and 4* academic journals.

Antreas is a firm believer of organic growth and he strives for businesses to become better before cheaper and revenue before cost. He loves spending time with customers and front line employees as they know all the secrets to success that headoffice does not.