Danielle Moss, Marketing Manager – SO Group

Danielle is currently Marketing Manager of SO Group.

After graduating in 2001 Danielle began her career in marketing at British Waterways.Ê In 2005, Danielle embarked on the role of Senior Marketing Officer for Salford Community Leisure, the organisation responsible for managing the authority’s sport and leisure facilities and provision.ÊÊ During her 5 years in post, she has develowped the marketing function and now manages a team of 5 covering various aspects of marketing and communications including events, advertising, promotions, PR and graphic design.Ê Danielle left Salford Community Leisure in 2011.

Danielle is on the board of directors for Salford’s community radio station, advising and assisting them with their marketing direction.Ê She has also been a professional singer for over 20 years and currently sings in a band performing at functions across the North West.

Danielle lives in Salford and is married with 2 young children.Ê In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym (free use being one of the perks of her role!), cooking, wine tasting and reading.Ê She cannot help but analyse advertising campaigns and branding when out of work and enjoys discovering the world of marketing through the eyes of her children.