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Joshua Connell, Head of Content – Hill & Knowlton

Josh has recently joined Hill & Knowlton as their Digital Planner (April 2014).

Previous to this he was working at Livity. Since graduating from the University of Nottingham in 2007 he has was working at a youth-specialist communications agency that works alongside young people every day to co-create campaigns, content and communities that improve the lives of young people and the fortunes of its clients. His enthusiasm for marketing stems from an interest in the interaction between people and brands. Studying sociology at University developed this interest, as he examined the reasons behind people’s actions, affiliations and general consumption. Josh then began working at Livity and immersing himself in marketing campaigns that harness the power of big brands to create social change. Since arriving at Livity he has progressed from an intern to Account Manager in 4 years and has worked on a number of high profile accounts including O2, ChildLine, Channel 4 and Penguin Books. Since then, Josh has been promoted from Account Manager and has been given the role of Content & Channel Strategist since October 2013.

He is adept in digital marketing, youth co-creation and insight, event management, PR and strategy development, with experience of private and public sector campaigns. He will relish the challenge of creating and delivering innovative marketing campaigns that make a social impact. Co-creating with the target audience itself and contributing youth insight gained from actually working alongside young people every day is immensely rewarding. Josh would love the opportunity to further develop his skills in marketing strategy and account planning. He also has an ambition to put his experience of youth co-creation and insight based marketing campaigns to the sports industry. Sport has a transformative aspect that really resonates with people and society as a whole. Aligning his love for sport with the industry itself really excites him. As a marketer his aim is to be at the very forefront of campaigns that make a genuine difference to a brands impact and the people who consume them.