Kate Mulligan, Head of Pay & Go – Telefonica O2

Originally from New Zealand, Kate moved to the UK in late 2007, and on to Spain in 2011. She is currently working at Telefonica O2 as Head of Pay & Go. Previous to this her role was Consumer Propositions and Pricing. Prior to this Kate worked for Tuenti, a large Spanish social network, leading the Customer Experience, Loyalty & Retention strategies for their new mobile operator. Kate worked at O2 for the 4 years prior, joining as a Commercial Finance Manager in 2008 and later moving across to marketing first as a Retention Manager, and then as the Head of Pay Monthly Retention for Consumer Mobile. Prior to joining O2, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young working in both Business Risk and Technical IFRS Consulting, before moving into telecommunications at Vodafone New Zealand in the marketing finance team. Kate loves to travel and learn about other cultures and has spent time throughout Asia, South America and Africa, recently completing The Africa Rally driving across West Africa from Senegal to Cameroon to raise money for the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund.

Kate is worked with Blastbeat as part of Donate28.