Lauren Port, Business Director – PHD

Lauren is a Business Director at PHD, and currently runs a varied portfolio of accounts including Twitter, Virgin Atlantic, Delta Airlines and Pukka Pies, a great combination where she gets to talk about pies and planes all day. She manages a team of planners, whilst producing communications planning strategies and delivering implementational media plans for her clients. She has also run several new business pitches, helping to bring in four new clients in 2018.

Perhaps unusually, she has spent the entirety of her career at PHD, joining as a young media graduate and moving through the ranks to achieve her current position in 2018.

Over that time she has worked on almost every client in the building, from small to large, FMCG to not-for-profit, and has enjoyed every minute. Particular achievements include her award-winning work developing the largest public information campaign in a decade – the national smart meter rollout – as well as a boundary-pushing editorial partnership for Macmillan Cancer Support with Dear Deidre in The Sun.

She is a force of nature at PHD and is involved in many projects outside day to day responsibilities – from hosting Macmillan coffee mornings every year to arranging the Christmas party to mentoring junior staff, as well as helping to win PHD ‘Agency of the Year’ multiple times.

Outside of work Lauren has a love for dressmaking and sewing, now making many of her own clothes. She also tries to run at least once a week, and spends an unhealthy amount of money / time thinking about, buying and eating cheese, which sort of balance each other out.