Sarah Keegan, Head of BrandOVO Energy

Sarah is Head of Brand at OVO Energy one of the UK’s fastest growing and most loved independent energy suppliers that’s reinventing the customer experience. Sarah joined the newly formed startup in 2009 and was part of the original team to launch OVO in the UK as the marketing intern. As the most senior figure responsible for the brand today she holds complete ownership of the brand experience and therefore touches every part of the business; from curating OVO’s culture and values through to customer communications and digital product design.

Day to day Sarah oversees brand strategy, creative design, content and social media, alongside collaborating with creative partners to bring to life OVO’s newly defined brand purpose. Over the past six years Sarah has grown the brand from just a logo into a thriving company with a 1,000 strong team and over 600,000 customers whilst retaining the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. In this time proud achievements have included OVO becoming a UK Superbrand, topped the YouGov BrandIndex Scores and Sarah was shortlisted for Fast Track Marketer in 2014. Prior to OVO Sarah studied Management and International Studies at The University of Manchester, before embarking on extensive travel and volunteer work with Raleigh International in Namibia.

A keen conservationist, Sarah has worked with Forum For The Future, is undertaking a FutureLearn course in Environmental Humanities and is driven by her belief that the most successful brands of the future will be the ones that put people first; showing through OVO that you can design and grow a successful business and brand that is better for everyone.