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Sarah Walsmley – Global Head of Content – Clearscore

Sarah Walmsley was the digital content manager for British Airways. In this strategic and creative role, she is leading a team to develop and deliver a content strategy for the airline. Sarah is driven to deliver business needs whilst developing quality content and maintaining a focus on the customer. Having successfully integrated editorial content into, she is now working to create omni-channel content and the capabilities to deploy it across the customer journey.

Committed to different ways of doing business; Sarah is constantly on the hunt for new ways of working – introducing operating models to increase collaboration, agility, speed to market and cost efficiencies. She strives to set a positive culture and build teams that are happy and developing in their current roles and for future careers.

Previous to her role at British Airways; Sarah has re-launched and edited a magazine, led projects to develop digital channels and created visual identities and brands.