Silke Wexoe, Senior Strategist – Bow & Arrow

Moving to London from Copenhagen, Silke joined Bow&Arrow in 2014. Bow & Arrow is a growth consultancy that sits at the intersection of strategy and creativity, delivering great work from the hands of passionate and diverse people. We supply end-to-end solutions for companies striving to identify their next disruptive service or product offering. Simply put, the diversity of the people and the opportunity to work with inter-disciplinary teams for renowned clients, remain the main reasons for Silke’s enthusiasm for Bow & Arrow. The highlights of past clients include Google, Mondelez, Premier foods, Carphone Warehouse, NBCUniversal, Aviva, Sprint and Zip Car.

Across these clients, Silke has worked on projects ranging from diagnosing, defining and developing growth opportunities to activating them across a multitude of environments. This has offered her ample opportunity to develop near fluency in idea generation, workshop design, customer research, proposition creation, and product and service development.

B&A’s strong culture and people focus, feed Silke’s curiosity about people. Leading inter-disciplinary teams for core clients, Silke has found her passion in working with the people around her. A passion that is infused into her work by putting end-customer needs and behaviours first, when solving companies’ innovation challenges. Silke’s innate curiosity was fuelled throughout her MSc Innovation and Business Development and BSc International Business at Copenhagen Business School, where she for the first time found herself in a truly multicultural environment. Drawn by the great and diverse discussions, Silke decided to take a course at LSE and spend semesters at Columbia University and Sciences Po.

In her spare time, Silke enjoys everything the London food scene has to offer and she is a frequent visitor to food markets on weekends. Furthermore, Silke is a relentless traveller with recent adventures to Vietnam, Peru, and New Zealand.