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My little black (turquoise) book by Scholar Nick Rogers

It’s good looking, stylish, full of knowledge and holds the key to my future. Sadly I am not talking about my face; I am talking about my exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ Marketing Academy note book which holds the advice and wisdom from some of the country’s leading CEO’s, CMO’s, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and business coaches.

As it stands, there are three things my Marketing Academy knowledge book can guarantee. The first is that it’s content will literally change my life. My outlook on what can be achieved has been shifted. Secondly – after only five months in – it has inspired me beyond belief. Post boot camps and mentor sessions have made me realise the potential we as marketers have and the next steps on how to achieve it. Thirdly and most importantly the scholarship and my little book will give me a broader approach to my role and position I wish to take within my place of work. You instantly receive a better understanding of your team, career and strengths. You will learn how to draw out the best in others and it will help you achieve the life you have always wanted within business. So it’s no surprise that I encourage all of my colleagues to apply.

For me, my mentor sessions usually starts with a bemused looking receptionist when a seemingly junior looking marketer requests to see CEO/CMO. They look up, and usually ask me to repeat myself. This is the foundation of the MA, they get you access to the previously in-accessible and the only advice I have is to embrace every single minute of it. After the usual handshakes and niceties, the 90-minute sessions get cracking. There has been no sight of a mobile phone, no head down in an iPad and not even an interruption. The punctuality has been exemplary and above all, after the 90 min session, they have all offered their business card and said ‘feel free to get in touch if you need anything’ – which I usually take away as a direct request to join them as a board member within the next 5 years. I staple it to my notes I have made, as if it was a ‘shiny’ I had been missing to complete my Premier League Sticker Collection aged 15.

What is the one thing I notice in all of my mentors so far? For me it is leadership and a clear focus of how to get to the top. They all care deeply about their company/department culture, and above all care about the career they have just heard you talk about for the last hour. You walk away feeling ten feet tall, inspired & determined to not only develop and fulfill your potential, but to do it for the people around you also. I am lucky enough to have six brilliant people report into me, and I hope they can see an improved leader who encourages, listens, inspires and communicates at all times. With this in mind, below are the top 5 comments/moments/thoughts I have taken away from my mentor/coaching sessions:

  • Don’t have a UCAS career. Yes it may look good on paper, but make sure you enjoy it and the role has some substance. Anonymous CEO, 2015
  • Don’t narrow too quickly, CEO’s do not narrow early on in their careers. You have to have agility in your lockers.  Anonymous CMO, 2015
  • Just be calm. Keep calm while everyone else flaps and if you do a good job, you will rise to the top. While this is happening, gain a reputation for operational excellence. Anonymous GM, 2015
  • Be an energy giver, not a hoover. It’s up to you to set the culture. Anonymous Head of Marketing, 2015

Finally, books have always played an important role in how people are shaped and motivated. The Bible, Jolt, Key Person of Influence, To Kill a Mockingbird, 50 Shades of Grey etc. But for me, they can all move aside, the only book I need in my life is turquoise and has a Marketing Academy logo on the front*. Long live the Marketing Academy.

*Slight exaggeration. But you get what I mean. I do not advocate not reading books & blogs. Especially when I have taken the time to write it.

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