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The Biggest Event After Christmas by Scholar Steve Marks

14 days until Christmas and only 53 days until The Marketing Academy Showcase.

With the year racing to an end, the Marketing Scholars are as busy as Santa’s helpers, getting the plans together for the showcase – the pinnacle event where we get together with industry leaders, previous alumni and media for an event that will look to tackle the biggest challenges facing the industry today.

Sound familiar to all other conferences? Think again. The insights we have gathered from industry super powers about what really keeps them up at night has helped craft our thinking and it promises to be a breakthrough evening.

It’s been amazing to see the team’s collective thoughts and approach to this. Collaboration is high on the agenda, with a dedicated steering group responsible for the creative approach and then roles and responsibilities for all remaining scholars to bring this to life, which reminds me, I must reach out to the media to invite them along…

I can’t believe how quick time has passed since the 30 of us gathered for the first time, unaware really what the Marketing Academy had in store for us just back in May at the 2017 showcase. I remember looking down the line of the 29 others stood on stage, none of us really expecting the relationships we have formed.  The way the academy has bonded 30 strangers is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Yes, we all have a trade in common, however, the genuine enthusiasm, friendship, shared experiences and wealth of knowledge is phenomenal and is testament to the time that goes into the selection process for entry.

As a competitive set, you can imagine that we are looking forward to all getting back on stage together in February. It would be impossible to condense what we have learnt, experienced and bottled in the past eight months and do justice in just a few hours, but we believe we have found a unique way to bring this to life, in a way that pays back into the principles that make the Marketing Academy what it is.

From the class of 2017, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope to see you at the showcase in February.


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