The Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme by Emma Brooker

I’m Emma and I’m currently Team Director at BBH, an advertising agency here in London. Over the next couple of minutes I wanted to share with you my thoughts and feelings on the Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme.

How I’ve found the Scholarship Programme

Firstly I wanted to say that it’s been an unbelievable privilege to be a part of the Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme.

To be honest I hadn’t actually heard about it until my boss said she’d like to nominate me. So, I thought I’d better do some research pretty quick! After a bit of reading up I decided to go for it as it sounded just what I was after at this stage of my career. And boy, am I glad I did.

If I thought the Programme sounded good on paper, the actual experience has been a zillion times better.

The Marketing Academy have created a truly special year-long experience. A Programme jam-packed with brilliant people, talks and activities.

Every element – the mentoring, the coaching, the boot camps, the faculty days – has offered something different. But together I believe it all adds up to give a really impressive and rounded leadership programme.

Main things I’ve learnt / enjoyed

Before I started the Programme I was particularly excited at the prospect of meeting a diverse range of individuals. People who have different backgrounds and stories to me. And I haven’t been disappointed.

I’ve met some truly wonderful and inspirational people – the scholars, the mentors, my coach Danielle, the boot camp presenters and the Marketing Academy team themselves – whose words and actions have really resonated and had a positive impact on me over the last 7 months or so.

I have been constantly impressed with the energy, authenticity and candidness of everyone involved in the Programme.

The Boot camps have been a wonderfully intense experience and we’ve been treated to a brilliantly diverse selection of speakers. Every one has been unique and provided a different perspective which I have loved. It goes without saying that many of the speakers talks have also been incredibly entertaining, motivating and moving – most memorable for me were those of Kevin Allen, James Brett, Greg Searle and Paul Stobart

The Living Leader course that we undertook in the first boot camp offered a really refreshing and inspiring approach to leadership training and I have certainly been able to take much from it. In particular I loved the art of listening and appreciation sections as well as the communicating behaviours piece – all of which have proved incredibly useful both professionally and personally.

I’ve also really enjoyed my coaching experience. Having never had an executive coach before I was really excited yet a little unsure of what to expect about this element of the course. The sessions have provided me with an invaluable opportunity to talk and work through specific opportunities and challenges that arise in my current role, as well as discuss my future aspirations/goals.

Why I think people should nominate or get themselves nominated for the 2014 Programme

I believe that the Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme takes scholars on a journey of discovery. Discovery of authentic leadership, discovery of the craft of marketing, discovery of new friends and mentors and importantly discovery of oneself.

The application process alone is a brilliant first step on that journey and one that I would encourage people to dive into. The process of developing a ‘Showcase me’ as well as the interviews were themselves a great experience.

I believe the Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme really is a money-can’t buy experience that any go-getting individual will gain so much from.

So please start nominating today!

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The Scholarship – a 9 month, free, part time program for 30 of the UK’s fastest rising stars in Marketing, Advertising, Media and Communications.

The Fellowship – Equips CMOs and Marketing Directors with the tools, knowledge and insight to make the move onto Boards and into General Management / MD / CEO roles.

12 month full paid Marketing Apprenticeship for young adults who because of challenging backgrounds, lack qualifications or poor life choices are normally overlooked for this kind of work experience