Andy Murray

Recently repatriated from ASDA, Andy Murray was appointed to the role of Chief Customer Officer for Asda in February 2016. Previously Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Creative and Customer Experience, Andy joined Asda and the Executive leadership to bring a new dimension to the strategy; merchandising and the customer voice to the Board. During his tenure, Asda returned to growth and while improving the overall NPS.

While at Walmart, Andy led the design of the new Walmart super centre prototypes and delivered a new advertising approach to bring an emotional connection back to the Walmart brand.
Prior to joining Walmart, Andy previously held a variety of senior marketing and technology roles with Hallmark and Procter & Gamble, as well as founding his own pioneering international shopper marketing agency, Saatchi & Saatchi X.

Andy is a retail marketing expert with a strong understanding of global trends, creative marketing and customer shopping habits. A frequent conference and corporate presenter, Andy has a dynamic and engaging style that delivers insight and inspiration for teams in a way that inspires growth, personally and professionally.

Andy also serves as Chairman of the Asda Foundation, one of UK’s largest corporate foundations. He also inspired and chaired the University of Arkansas Centre for Retailing Emerging Trends Conference, which is attended by executives of some of America’s leading companies. For the last 15 years, Andy has been a member of the Soderquist Centre for leadership and ethics’ advisory board.He is also Chair of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Natural Capital Impact Group, which is composed of companies who are aiming to measure and value their impact on natural capital (bio-diversity, soil and water).