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Heidi Gracie, Executive Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications, Arizona State University

Working within the vibrant realms of Hollywood magic and storytelling, fast-moving consumer goods, transportation and high-profile academia, Heidi Gracie recognizes the critical art of the pivot – a vital necessity in the career of every communicator and marketing professional.

In her current role, Heidi is responsible for the strategic marketing and communications of the Arizona State University’s Knowledge Enterprise. She leads a team of storytellers who translate the breakthroughs, discoveries and advancements of ASU’s annual half-a-billion-dollar-plus research enterprise through creative and innovative digital, motion, print and social formats. Gracie’s efforts contextualize the work of ASU researchers, faculty and staff, highlighting the significant elements of societal impact these contributions have on communities around the world.

Gracie’s international portfolio includes some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Burger King, Laureate, and the Public Broadcasting System. Global in focus, results driven and a customer experience aficionado, today, Gracie brings her 30 years of experience in commercial marketing to an academic setting. She is a passionate steward, advocate and gatekeeper for the Knowledge Enterprise portfolio, spanning research, international development, corporate engagement, global futures and entrepreneurship and innovation.

As the world continues to evolve to an environ in which strengthening the dynamics and correlation between individuals, businesses and higher education is of critical importance, Gracie believes in the concept of lifelong learning, and of continually evolving in one’s career. She also strives to impart this philosophy among her team members, colleagues and those she mentors. Her significant contributions – blending the fields of academia, high-level marketing acumen and a passion for lifelong personal and professional development – produce real, tangible results. A consummate professional, Gracie’s work is recognized for its impact – helping drive critical components of transformational change on a local, national and global scale.