Brianna Dinsmore, Corporate Marketing Director, Salesforce

Picture an escape room, but in real life: Solving a complex challenge where there’s no clear path forward and a little bit of fear we might not make it out. This is Brianna’s favorite place to be. She lives for solving the “impossible,” connecting seemingly unrelated dots, and finding alternative paths to success.

Brianna is currently leading a team of Demand Generation marketers for one of the largest business units in Salesforce. Her team plays a pivotal role in aligning groups cross-functionally to drive integrated marketing and sales programs to support pipeline and revenue goals. Brianna is a change-maker and has been instrumental in bringing innovation and new ways of thinking to Salesforce, including how Salesforce thinks about Account-Based Marketing.

Prior to Salesforce, Brianna worked in sales and marketing roles at technology companies like DocuSign & Weebly. Her background in sales operations and management has contributed to her customer-first approach to marketing and a maniacal focus on data-driven results.

Brianna is a California native and currently lives in San Francisco. She is on the Board of the YMCA and spends her free time with her two dogs and tending to her urban garden.