Jasveer Sidhu, Vice President – Manifesto Growth Architects

Jasveer is currently Vice President of Manifesto Growth Architects. She leads the New York Practice for Manifesto, a growth consultancy. She works across Media, Financial Services and CPG helping clients to develop strategies and propositions to reflect a changing market landscape.

She also leads and oversees the US P&L, including the team, operations and new business. Jas brings her background in customer insight and innovation to develop business strategies that drive business outcomes and resonant with customers. Recently this has included launching a new OTT subscription service for one of America’s largest news outlets, designing future product developments for the UK payments industry, and supporting a new US marketplace start up raise over $500k in seed funding.

Prior to joining Manifesto, Jas worked as a freelance consultant supporting several organizations unlock customer led growth and launch new ropositions. She has also worked at Market Gravity, a Deloitte innovation practice, and Millward Brown a WPP customer insights agency.

Jas has a Masters degree in Geography from the University of Oxford.As a champion equality and female rights, Jas has put by passion and professional expertise together to host, moderate and facilitate events for Women in industry, and act as a coach for a select number of women’s organisations.

Outside of work Jas spends a lot of her time exploring food and art, practicing yoga, and reading, especially poetry.