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Terry Savage, Global Chairman

Terry Savage is Global Chairman of The Marketing Academy a leadership development programme operating in the UK , Australia and the USA and founder of leadership and creative consultancy Savages Unlimited . Prior to this he was Chairman of Cannes Lions, the world’s leading celebration of creativity in communications. During his tenure as CEO and Chairman he was instrumental in explosive growth of the event and launched the Regional Festivals, Eurobest, Dubai Lynx and Spikes Asia .

Prior to his appointment in 2003 as CEO of Cannes Lions, Terry Savage, an Australian national, was Executive Chairman of the global cinema advertising company Val Morgan, in Australia. Under his leadership, Val Morgan expanded from Australia into New Zealand, USA, South America, Middle East and Asia.

During this time he was also President of the International advertising trade body SAWA (Screen Advertising World Association).

Terry was the Australian representative for Cannes Lions for 15 years and during this period, promoted Australian creativity at the international event..

Terry currently sits on the Board of Directors for Advance – the global community of Australians committed to the exchange of knowledge, connections and ideas.

“Whilst process is critical for businesses to function it is creativity that enables companies and individuals to make the leap into new territories, create new visions and accelerate the growth of their organisations. Savages Unlimited  is  about spreading the creative vision to help enable people to achieve this. Creativity is a great differentiator and it is our role to ensure more and more companies recognise this in all aspects of their organisations,” says Terry.