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Christine Alvarez

Christine Alvarez is an Executive and Leadership Coach with a passion for helping people move forward in their careers. Working with professionals to navigate career choices and challenges, Christine coaches women executives at Chief, an organization dedicated to assisting women to advance their careers. An Adjunct Professor at Pace University, she taught Career Strategies to Lubin Business Students to develop job search strategies to secure employment. In addition to her work as a BetterUp Associate Coach, she is a preferred coach for Columbia University Teachers College, assisting alumni in developing their careers. Her private practice targets clients in the arts, media and tech space.

Christine is co-founder of Your Next Next™, a team of executive coaches working with companies and professionals who are navigating the new world of work. The work of Your Next Next includes insights into current trends in talent management, leadership development, and preparing for a future of work that is mutually beneficial to both employers and employees.

Christine Alvarez brings over 20+ years of corporate marketing experience from a variety of industries, including Television, Publishing, Motion Pictures, and Consumer Products. As a Marketing Executive she has worked with Senior Leaders on corporate initiatives, developed marketing teams, and assisted sales divisions to achieve goals. Her Corporate experience brings a deep understanding to career opportunities and challenges professionals face.

Christine has a commitment to help professionals and those new to the workforce to build, grow, or change careers, navigating with clients through an ever-changing business environment where new competencies and vision may be necessary to succeed. Among the skills she brings to clients and businesses are team-building, workshop facilitation, and developing teams for top performance.

She received her coach training from Columbia University and is a Neethling Brain Instrument practitioner. Her coaching methodology is based in a whole person coaching approach, which has its foundation in Neuroscience and Behavioral Learning Theories.



Columbia University – Executive Coaching Certification Program

BetterUp – Associate Coach

NBI Practitioner – Neethling Brain Instrument (assessment)

Life Purpose Institute – Certified Career Coach



Good Bosses, Ellevate Women’s Network Website (Q1 2018)

Motivation in Coaching – Academic Paper Q1 2019

The New World of Work – Requiring MORE from You – Co-authored with Eileen Springer, Summer 2020, LinkedIn

Career Wanderlust or Career Pivot – Co-authored with Eileen Springer, Fall, 2020, LinkedIn

What Kind of Relationship Are You In? – Co-authored with Eileen Springer, Fall 2020, LinkedIn

What’s Your Vision? – Co-authored with Eileen Springer, Winter, 2020, LinkedIn