Helen Mumford Sole

Helen Mumford Sole has had a successful career as a senior executive of both large and startup companies. She was CEO of LexisNexis UK, SVP of Gartner (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and co-founder and COO of Wentworth Research – a VC-backed startup that was acquired by Gartner. She was also CEO of several other startups, CIO of a GE Capital company, and held various roles in Financial Services companies, and consultancies including Ernst & Young and Andersen Consulting. This high performance background gives Helen great credibility and positioning in the minds of the senior executives she coaches as they know that she understands their context and the associated issues and opportunities.

In her corporate life Helen searched for a coach who had the credibility and skills to help her reach the top of her game, someone who understood the C-suite, could work with the highest achievers and still improve their performance. She didn’t find that person, so after maternity leave for her 3rd child, she decided coaching would be her next career.
She qualified as an Executive Coach at the highest level at Columbia University in Manhattan, and gained certificates in several other schools of coaching.

She is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, a qualified Ericksonian hypnotist, a Reiki Master/Instructor, and a trained Kushi Institute chef and counsellor.
Helen lives in Manhattan where she has a thriving personal practice and 20 Mumford Sole associate coaches in North America and Europe.
Helen’s personal clients are senior and high performing executives from Global 500 companies and fast-growing startups and VCs. They include Coca Cola Enterprises, Merck, UBS, HSBC, Citigroup, Metlife, MEC, McCann WorldGoup, WPP, Boston Consulting Group, Initialized Capital, Heidrick and Struggles, and other private and corporate clients.
Helen’s coaching process is highly customized to meet individual requirements, learning style, communication preferences and coachability. Helen is known and highly regarded for achieving impactful and successful outcomes.
Helen is also CEO of Mumford Sole Advisors a company that delivers Advisory Boards as a Service to startups and scale-ups. She also leads Mumford Sole Partners, a research organization with the mission of making the Digital ecosystem work better, and with greater predictability and less risk.
Helen’s degrees are from the University of Oxford and she has been published in two award-winning coaching books.