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Leigh Bowman-Perks

Leigh is a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach & Top Team Facilitator. She is the author of ‘Inspiring Women Leaders’ and ‘Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders’, Co-designer of the Inspiring Leadership Inventory ILITM, and Founder & CEO of the Inspiring Leadership Trust which empowers vulnerable women and girls

Leigh rapidly gets to understand you and your business – to hear and see your strengths, talents and areas to develop. You may be a leader working for a top global organisation and looking for inspiration to transform your behaviours and your organisational culture. Leigh brings you practical leadership skills, tools and techniques for your immediate use. Her other clients value her deep intuition and the extra on-going support her books provide, so you can be truly authentic leaders. She will motivate you to successfully inspire others, so that together you will build high performing teams and businesses. Leigh has developed with her husband Jonathan an 8-point Inspiring Leadership model and associated, practical self-evaluation and 360o tools. Using her own and other leading coaching methods, with the latest research in neuroscience, she is committed to bringing inspiration back into your own and your team’s leadership.

You will benefit from the lessons she has drawn from her combined strategic and operational leadership experience, as well as her work as a coach and facilitator, working with leaders around the world. These included Banking & Finance, FMCG, Travel & Tourism, Oil & Gas, Professional Services, Utilities, Retail, Education, Public and Entrepreneurial Sectors. Through your leadership facilitation, coaching and mentoring with Leigh you will draw on learning from other’s handling of immense change and crises. These included the financial meltdown and regulatory controls, customer service, opening of monopolies to competition and the impact of terror attacks and accidents in the travel industry.