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The coaching element of the programme provides the delegates with a critical sounding board, plus challenges and facilitates their thinking and development. Each of our fabulous coaches give their time pro bono. During the year each Scholar works 1:1 with these fantastic executive Coaches.

  • Michelle Ridsale
  • Fleur Marks
  • Kirsty Grace
  • Emma McQueen
  • Carol White
  • Dina Zavrski-Makaric
  • Kate Richardson
  • Linda Robson
  • Kayt Raymond, Managing Director - Shine Internatio...
  • Leigh Morrison
  • Oscar Trimboli Leadership Coach | Author | Mento...
  • StJohn Miall
  • Barbara Barkley
  • Laura Hefer
  • Greg Graham, Marketing & New Business Director, Gr...
  • Belinda Robinson
  • Jennie Hill
  • Mark Conoley
  • Maree McDonough
  • Alison Pate, Director, Participate International C...
  • Josephine Lanzarone, Executive Coach
  • Chris Bruce
  • Clare Robinson
  • Iain Good
  • Renee Holder
  • Catherine Kennedy
  • Eva McArdle
  • Wendy Minne
  • Therese Rahme
  • Karen Tweedie
  • David Davis

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Emma McQueen

Emma McQueen is an Executive Coach who works with leaders to inspire, encourage and empower their teams. What does it take to be a great…

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