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Our Australia Scholarship programme is sponsored by:

There are 120 alumni of The Marketing Academy Australia Scholarship Programme and you can view them here

You can download the entire outline of the programme here.

The programme begins on 11th March 2019 and kicks off with a five-day residential ‘Boot Camp’ in Sydney. The programme runs until the end of October 2019.

To get the most out of the programme all delegates should expect to invest around 15 days of time to attend 3 ‘Boot Camps’, 4 lectures, up to 8 mentoring sessions and 6 coaching sessions.

The 3 Boot Camps are intense, immersive and residential events, attended by the entire cohort of 30 delegates, and are packed with learning, speakers and workshops. The first, a 5 day event, takes place from 11th March to 15th March 2019 inclusive, the second on the 11th July 2019 and the third takes place 21st & 22nd October 2019. Attendance at the Boot Camps is mandatory and selection in the programme is reliant on applicant’s ability to attend.

Nothing, it’s completely free (except your expenses – see next question)

The Marketing Academy Australia is sponsored by Microsoft, PwC, NewsCorp Australia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Google and the entire content of the programme is delivered by exceptional people who volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise on a pro bono basis.

We’re a non profit organisation and therefore unable to contribute to any expenses incurred by delegates while travelling to mentoring meetings, coaching sessions, or learning events. This cost must be met by the delegate or their employers. The Boot Camps will require overnight accommodation (a total of 5 nights) which must also be paid by the delegate or their employer (we try to keep costs to a minimum).  

In our experience employers appreciate the level of development our programmes provide and tend to be extremely generous in giving delegates time off to take part. However, some employers may require delegates to take some of the time as holiday or unpaid leave.

We believe that the learning curve of a new company wouldn’t mix well with the intense experience of attending the programme, therefore we reserve the right to terminate the place on the programme if delegates move company during the programme.


After you’ve nominated through the ‘nominate now’ page on our website, you’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your nomination. Your nominee will be sent all the details they need in order to apply for a place.

You can nominate as many people as you like just be aware that they will be competing against each other for a place on the programme. We strongly recommend that you only nominate the absolute best as we need your help in making the selection, so please nominate individuals that meet the selection criteria.

No. To be eligible for an ‘Invitation to Apply’ you will need to be nominated by someone who considers you worthy of a place.  We will not accept self nominations and the nomination portal is regularly cross checked and verified so it’s honestly not worth the embarrassment of being caught out!

Technically the answer is ‘yes’ but you will put your nominee at a disadvantage. The nomination portal closes on 7th December 2018 and the application deadline on 14th December 2018 and nominees don’t receive the Invitation to Apply (which tells them HOW to apply) until they’ve been nominated. It can then take a lot of thought, time and resource for a nominee to put together the 3 part application. So, the earlier you nominate the more time your nominee has to design and submit their application. 

Unfortunately the criteria for selection requires the nominees to be ‘employed’ and they would therefore be rejected from the process at Stage One.

No. You can nominate whoever you chose, be it a member of staff / colleague, subordinate, boss, peer, supplier or client. You can nominate someone at an agency or business that you’ve worked with and have been very impressed by or any great marketer who you feel is a rising star. The bottom line is that your nominee must fulfil the selection criteria.


Not by us, because your nomination will be kept confidential. Ultimately, we leave it up to you to share your decision to nominate. For many reasons we recommend you give you ‘nominee’ some warning before you nominate them.

If your nominee is awarded a place then you’ll be one of the first to know. Furthermore we’ll keep you updated over the course of the year with what they’re up to. You are also welcome to join The Marketing Academy Community groups on LinkedIn and Facebook which we regularly update with what’s going on.

We‘re looking for:

  • Ideally between 10 and 20 years work experience in a marketing or agency role
  • Already in a leadership role or a position of significant influence
  • Working for current employer for 12 months or more
  • Highly ambitious to further career in marketing leadership, aspiring to board roles
  • Demonstrates commitment to career with evidence of results and achievements
  • Interest in social, cultural, creative or sports endeavours and voluntary work
  • Commitment to broadening horizons, including world travel and further education
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Naturally driven to succeed
  • Employed on a full-time (not freelance) basis in Australia
  • At no risk of resignation, redundancy or termination

Selection Process

As soon as you have entered your nominee’s details on the website the will receive an ‘Invitation to Apply’. The nominee is invited to apply by submitting a full CV, an Employers Endorsement Form and a two minute ‘Showcase Me’ before the application closing date of 14th December 2018.


To be awarded a place on the programme nominees need to complete three stages of a competitive selection process;

Stage 1 The Application – submit a 3 part application (by 14th December 2018)

Stage 2 The Pitch – 10 minute pitch and 15 minute Q & A (w/c 4th Feb 2019)

Stage 3 The Interview – 90 minute face to face interview with the selection panel (w/c 18th Feb 2019)

To continue through the selection process it’s essential we receive evidence of employer’s support of the nominee’s application in written form.  An ‘Employer’s Endorsement Form’ is supplied with the ‘Invitation to Apply’. Employers are asked to outline why they feel their employees should receive a place on the programme and to confirm that they will enable their employee to invest a minimum of 15 days to the programme if awarded.

As part of Stage 1  of selection all nominees have the opportunity to showcase their skills, express creative talent and fully demonstrate why they should be selected for a place on the programme in digital format. The only criteria is that the Showcase Me must take no more than two minutes to read, watch, look at or listen to.

We’ll be announcing the Australian cohort of the 2019 Scholarship Programme W/C 4th March 2019.  

If you have read the ‘Guide to The Marketing Academy Australia 2018 Scholarship Programme’ and still have a question then please email emma@themarketingacademy.org

Additional Information

We believe that the learning curve of a new company wouldn’t mix well with the learning’s of the Scholarship programme. Therefore we reserve the right to terminate the Scholarship if you move company during the 9 month programme.

We share free or discounted learning opportunities with the nominee’s who aren’t selected for a Scholarship. These include lectures and conferences as well as Inspire learning events.

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