Nigel Hunt, Marketing Director – Tesco Bank

Nigel is the Group Marketing & Digital Director of Walker Greenbank, an international luxury interior furnishings company that designs, manufactures and markets wallpapers and fabrics together with a wide range of ancillary interior products. Previously the Marketing Director of Tesco Bank and prior to that Group Brand Director at Barclays Bank where he launched the new Barclays U.K. business. He defined the brand and marketing strategy but simplified this to be the overall business strategy, one page – few words – powerful imagery – one vision, ‘Helping people move forward in their lives’, which has been brought to life internally and externally with the progressive rallying cry of ‘Let’s Go Forward’.

Nigel has held various senior brand and marketing roles, from Group Brand Director where he helped create the Barclays master-brand strategy, embedding purpose and values into the organisation, including retiring many sub-brands, to heading up the Brand, Marketing, Strategy and Insight function for the Retail Business, where he helped solve some of the thorniest proposition challenges including customer loyalty, culminating in the launch of a new value proposition ‘Barclays Blue’, which has gone onto great success.

Nigel is a passionate and creative leader who integrates strongly across functions, orchestrating a business agenda beyond marketing by bringing diverse people together to deliver exceptional things. He loves leading teams to success, learning along the way and always having fun.