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The Marketing Academy Virtual Campus

Why we developed the Virtual Campus

We believe that marketing, media and advertising at its best is the means to create a powerful & meaningful impact on our planet.

The only function and industry that truly influences the way people think, the choices they make and the decisions they take. For this collective power to be wielded in a positive way, our talent needs to be nurtured & developed.

We deliver programs which ensure the commercial and positive social impact of marketing, media and advertising is felt in every board room, now and in the future. A future which is in the hands of today’s talent. We also believe that money should not be a barrier to development. So, whilst highly selective, all our programs are delivered free of charge.

During the last decade we have developed over 1,000 leaders through our Scholarship and Fellowship Programs and its now time to spread the learning even further. Enter, the Virtual Campus. The Marketing Academy Virtual Campus will inspire thousands of high potential talent around the world with a free development syllabus packed full of money can’t buy experiences and world class content. Through our Virtual Campus we will equip the industry’s talent with the values, beliefs, behaviours and skills to be outstanding leaders and inspire them to achieve world changing results.

What is The Virtual Campus?

  • The Marketing Academy Virtual Campus Program is a rolling 12 month development syllabus of masterclasses, workshops and lectures aimed at inspiring, developing, and empowering talent in marketing, media & advertising globally
  • The syllabus will include circa 24 one hour LIVE learning sessions covering Leadership, Personal Development, Skills Development and Wellbeing. The sessions will be delivered by some of the best speakers & educators in the world
  • The Virtual Campus Program is completely free to attend but is by invitation only
  • Enrolment to the Virtual Campus Program is not open to the public; TMA Virtual Campus Program syllabus is designed and curated exclusively for The Marketing Academy Scholars, Fellows, Alumni, Mentors, Coaches, Partners who can invite their teams and employees or via a ‘Special Invitation’
  • The Virtual Campus Program is delivered through an online portal ‘The Virtual Campus Hub’ and all Virtual Campus attendees must enrol via the Hub here:
Leadership Clinic
Masterclasses in leadership
Inspire Auditorium
Keynote sessions for inspiration
Self Mastery Hub
Lessons in personal development
Community Hangout
Exclusive social events
Skills Lab
Tutorials in professional competency
The Library
Recordings, books, links, material
Wellness Centre
Workshops on self care
All the latest news

Logging in to The Virtual Campus Hub

If you are enrolled on The Virtual Campus Program you can log in to The Virtual Campus Hub here.

Please note: you will only be able to log in to the hub if you are enrolled.

Golden Ticket Application

The Marketing Academy are acutely aware that our industry has faced tough times, and we are committed to providing ongoing support to the industry, so if you have been made redundant or are currently working on a freelance basis you are eligible to enrol for a ‘Golden Ticket’ for the Virtual Campus, gaining access to the Program for 12 months.

If you have been made redundant or are working on a freelance basis then Click here to apply for a Golden Ticket

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