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Micky Diamond, Program Operations & Events Executive, EMEA & US

Micky’s journey into the realm of charity and philanthropy began at a tender age, igniting a lifelong commitment to making a difference. Inspired by her early experiences fundraising with her local theatre group at the age of 8, Micky embarked on a path that would lead her to over a decade of impactful work within non-profit organisations worldwide, complemented by extensive volunteerism.

Throughout her career, Micky has demonstrated a profound dedication to effecting positive change. Notable achievements include spearheading initiatives with Action4Youth to empower and mentor young cohorts, as well as fulfilling over 100 cherished wishes for children facing life-limiting illnesses during her tenure with Make-A-Wish.

Recognising a calling to facilitate professional development and foster compassionate communities, Micky’s introduction to The Marketing Academy as a speaker served as a pivotal moment. This led her to embrace a new role in 2024 as the Program Operations & Events Executive at TMA. In this capacity, Micky is fervently committed to cultivating an environment where marketers are equipped with the tools and support to truly change the world.