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The Scholarship Alumni

The Scholarship Alumni

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The Scholarship Alumni

The Marketing Academy launched in the United States in December 2018.  The first class of 30 Scholars completed the free, 9-month program in the summer and are eager to share their learnings and reflections with the marketing community.

In October 2019, the United States alumni launched the first Alumni program in the US with a mission of continually connecting the values of the program with the marketing community, including the strong bond they formed with each other.  The program strives to live the mission of The Marketing Academy through inspirational leadership connections, speakers, events and support.  

As the program builds, the Alumni will serve as a foundation to grow the future for the great marketing community in America.

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Eileen Gallagher

With over 30 years of corporate experience as a Talent Development Specialist, Eileen has enabled emerging leaders to develop their strengths in order to embrace…

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