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Throughout the Scholarship year each Scholar works 1:1 with a professional leadership Coach. The year-long coaching programme provides the Scholars with a critical sounding board, plus challenges and facilitates the Scholar’s thinking and development. Below is our coaching team for the 2020 Scholarship Program.

  • Jill Burns
  • Alan Gellman
  • Ben Colvin
  • Charlie Stainforth
  • Boris Prigmore
  • Korin Mills
  • Sandra Ruiz
  • Debbie Hall-Evans
  • Melissa Schulz
  • Mark Harris
  • Leigh Bowman-Perks
  • Martin Benefer
  • Arielle Sadan
  • Louis Lipani
  • Mary Burns
  • Kim Nicol
  • Fran Middleton
  • Eileen Gallagher
  • Claire Salvetti
  • Anne Benveniste
  • Jane Adshead-Grant
  • Kip Knight
  • Micheline Germanos
  • Veronika Shiroka
  • Paul Arnold
  • Cynthia (Cindy) Graziano
  • Smaranda Dochia
  • Alistair Marshall

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Ben Colvin

Discovering the innate talents of employees and transforming teams are common threads woven throughout Ben’s career. Today, they are the focus of his coaching practice….

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