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We are currently recruiting qualified coaches to support the Scholars in our 2019/20 Scholarship Program – if you are interested in getting involved please contact

Below are the wonderful coaches who supported the 2018/19 Program

  • Kathryn Leslie
  • Carol Putnam
  • Gina Larkin
  • Oliver Prince
  • Juliet Atkinson
  • Uri Galimidi
  • Tecla Palli-Sandler
  • Eileen Gallagher
  • Elaine Teo
  • Susan Gellatly
  • Miranda Wilcox
  • Micheline Germanos
  • Alexis Rask
  • Tara Padua
  • Mary Burns
  • Mary Utley

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Tara Padua

Tara is a highly sought-after coach that has developed leaders in challenging and fast-growth environments for nearly 20 years. Her portfolio includes companies like Cartier,…

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