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About Us

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Established in 2010 The Marketing Academy is a non-profit organisation which inspires and develops talent at every level in Marketing, Media and Communications; from emerging leaders to CMO’s.

Financially supported by some of the industry’s biggest brands who sponsor each program, we run the only programs in the world that are highly selective and yet delivered free of charge.

We can do this because we unite a powerful, committed and engaged community of client side CEO’s & CMO’s, media and creative agency CEO’s and subject matter experts from every marketing discipline in the industry who share their knowledge within the Academy on a pro bono basis.

Our community shares a desire to invest in our talent and the belief that marketing, media and advertising, at its best, is the means to make a profound change in the world. In turbulent and changing times, developing our talent is the only certain way to ensure growth.

Our future is in the hands of the younger generations and for their collective power to be unleashed in the most effective way they deserve our time, wisdom and experience.

Through our programs we will ensure that the impact of marketing, media and advertising is felt in at centre of every board room;

The Scholarship: delivered in the UK, Australia and USA, we award 30 Scholarships to the best emerging leaders in Marketing, Advertising, Media and Communications who benefit from a packed 9 month curriculum including mentoring, bespoke learning events, personal coaching, leadership development and more.

The Fellowship:  a global, C Suite level program sponsored by Facebook and Microsoft and delivered in partnership with McKinsey & Company is exclusively for CMO’s and Marketing Directors. This board level mentoring and knowledge platform ensures that marketing leaders build the right capabilities to take on CEO or Board roles.

The Apprenticeship: delivered by our charity The Marketing Academy Foundation in the UK it’s a 12 month fully paid Marketing Apprenticeship for young people from diverse and challenging background who may normally be overlooked for this kind of work experience. The Apprenticeship provides on-the-job learning, training and qualifications and the 1st step to a career within Marketing & Advertising.

The Alumni Programs: Since The Marketing Academy launched the Scholarship over 300 Scholars have graduated and over 80 CMO’s have completed to Fellowship. All have utilized the skills and knowledge they’ve learnt to move into increasingly senior roles, take on bigger projects or have taken the leap to start their own businesses.

Our Alumni programs ensure that all former Scholars and Fellows can continue to make the most of The Marketing Academy by accessing our inspirational learning and speakers as well as continuing to benefit from one of the strongest networks they have available to them, each other.

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Oona Collins

Oona is an international senior executive and board-level coach and consultant. She has over 20 years experience incorporating board level positions in sales and marketing….

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