Nathan Wilson, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Microsoft Australia

Nathan currently manages the Office Consumer and Education portfolio at Microsoft Australia and is responsible for driving subscriber growth and revenue. At Microsoft for three and a half years, he was Head of Digital in Australia and then moved quickly onto leading our Product Marketing for Office. Prior to this, Nathan spent over 8 years championing the customer at Virgin Money in both Sydney and London.

Nathan has a deep understanding for consumer needs and develops thought leading strategies and plans to drive business impact. He is an excellent digital first marketer and was recently recognised by the worldwide consumer channels CFO as a global thought leader that helped drive the third largest subscriber base globally.

Nathan comes at every opportunity and challenge with a growth mindset. He looks for both innovative ways of driving change and is tremendous at partnering and listening to others, and connecting them to his vision and plans. He is an excellent communicator and has the rare talent of being in the details of both finance and business plans, as well as being a technical digital marketer. His focus always orientates around the best outcome for our customers and partners.

He is a natural leader amongst his peers. Other marketers look to Nathan for coaching, and he is someone who leads by example every day.