A look back at ‘Becoming ‘Junior Kaizen’ – INSPIRE Coaching Breakfast, March 2016

Two weeks ago, Inspire London had the privilege of hosting coach Tim Hole, to learn about the power of self-optimisation. The premise: to promote constant awareness of your professional and personal effectiveness, and a commitment to updating your behaviour on an on-going basis. Sounds intriguing.

I think I speak for most of us when I say that we’re constantly juggling a million things at a time…work, family, social life (plus I MUST make it to the gym this week!)…sometimes it can be hard to see the wood from the trees.

Tim’s session and methods helped us to take a moment to reflect on what areas of our life require the most attention and energy. It helped to clarify what we would need to do in these areas to feel more fulfilled, and to create clear and achievable goals to get there. The practical exercises were rapidly noted down in notebooks to provide future counsel, which hopefully will prove just as useful when next called upon.

There were also bacon sandwiches. All in all, not a bad start to a Thursday.

@CiceroTim writes:

We’re commencing an era of self-optimising like nothing that’s ever come before it.  Until now it has been imperative for an individual to find mastery and fluency in 2-3 tangible skills that can be offered, traded, hired and critiqued using simple measurement standards. Think Carpenter, Lawyer, Mechanic, Accountant or Manager.  These are all tangible roles that traditionally take a lifetime of career to realise and master.

Our businesses are now subdividing their processes at an exponential rate to match technological advancements and innovations and our relationships are evolving faster and faster through a myriad of changes and predilections. Our focus for mastery and fluency is not so tangible anymore.

Our opportunities to demonstrate our mastery are related to being able to collaborate, to resource, to repurpose data and to draw new ideas from the widest source of inspiration available, without barriers or limits.  To do this effectively and to master this process demands our ability to bypass our own prejudices and limitations and upgrade our thinking through intensely engineered awareness, openness and willingness.  To stop and breathe before we even think, let alone take action.

Self-Optimising allows us to control our output and ensure that the effects of our energies are creating outcomes in the ways we intend.  As this culture shift evolves, the future will be inherited not only by people who adopt early and are prepared to fail fast, but those that can liberate, optimise and interconnect themselves and their processes in whatever circumstance they find themselves in.


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