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Australia 2021 Scholarship Nominations

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The Marketing Academy Australia 2021 Scholarship Program is free for emerging leaders in the Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Media industries in Australia. It’s a highly selective program – and you need to be nominated before you can apply.

You can download and read the Guide to the Scholarship Program here which will tell you all you need to know about The Marketing Academy, the new redesigned Scholarship curriculum as well as the selection criteria, process and key dates.  We also have a Frequently Asked Questions sheet here.

Here’s how it works:

All potential Scholars must first be ‘nominated’ by someone who believes them to be the best and the brightest marketing talent in Australia. Every ‘nominee’ will then receive an ‘Invitation to Apply’ for a 2021 Scholarship by email.

Once the nominee receives the ‘Invitation to Apply’ they must submit a 3 part application: a CV, an endorsement from their employer and a two minute ‘Showcase Me’. Those that get through this initial screening will then embark on a rigorous selection process.  

Here’s the ideal selection criteria:

  • Between 10 and 20 years in a marketing or agency role*
  • Currently in a leadership role
  • Highly ambitious to further career in marketing leadership, aspiring to board roles
  • Demonstrates commitment to career with evidence of results and achievements
  • Evidence of commitment to broadening horizons, such as world travel or further education
  • High emotional intelligence & natural drive to succeed
  • Interests in charitable, social, cultural, creative or sporting endeavours
  • Employed on a permanent (not freelance) basis in Australia with no risk of resignation for the duration of the program

*Please note: We have Scholarships available for individuals who do not have a ‘classic’ marketing background. Those who have demonstrated exceptional potential as natural marketers or who have shown outstanding entrepreneurial ability or exceptional achievement in the face of adversity will be considered.

We support diversity, inclusion and equality in every context and firmly believe that everyone, irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or religion, should have the same opportunity to fast track their careers and learning via our programs.

We rely on you, as a nominator, to help us identify a breadth of talent across the entire industry.

You have until the 7th December 2020 to nominate the best marketing talent you know. 

PLEASE NOTE: The nomination portal closes on 7th December 2020 and the application deadline on 18th December 2020 so the sooner you nominate the longer your nominee has to complete the application.

NOMINATE NOW by filling in the fields below to give someone the chance to take part in this unique and powerful development program (we will never sell or share your information).

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