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Carrie talks Granite, change and the joys of being scared with Andrew McGuinness

Wow what a great morning. My first mentoring session was with the inspirational founder and CEO of BMB – Andrew McGuinness.

I am not going to go through our whole session as we covered lots of areas and really got into some interesting avenues (well for me at least). But there were a 3 things I just have to share (plus things in 3’s work for me):

 1. Try to always stay ‘the right side of scary’.

That feeling in your stomach that ends with a light glow of true satisfaction is so important and fuels our growth as individuals. When you feel yourself coming in from the edge, reach for more. Don’t be afraid to sh*t yourself a little bit.

 2. Develop a ‘Granite like confidence’

Granite doesn’t inflate or deflate – it is heavy, and solid, and true. Have a belief in yourself that is the same. Some days you will win and some you will lose – but with that internal belief you will continue to be open to criticism & to change – that shall enable you to achieve great things.

 3. Drive change from within

Do not risk being the person outside always complaining about how much better it could be. Instead bridge the gap between the current state of affairs and where you want to be. Use your understanding to get people on board and really try and think about their motivations. This is about respecting and understanding the status quo, whilst recognising the need for change – a fine and delicate balance.

 There were so many more wonderful moments from a truly humble marketing leader – but I think that these 3 would help anyone in any business to be the best they can be.

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3 thoughts on “Carrie talks Granite, change and the joys of being scared with Andrew McGuinness

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these Carrie, all really significant points to consider and all tied to some key development points of my own too. The right side of scary is something I definitely struggle with, sometimes it’s difficult to just jump right in! But the fact that nearly every leader I’ve spoken to says this is a key skill in moving forwards must mean something…

    1. Thanks Lucie. He was fantastic!
      I think I am going to try and use the blog to share snipets as it keeps it short and sweet but is also quite easy to read etc….I keep doing the proverbial sense chack with everyone that they are actually interesting!! See you later at Birds Eye 🙂

  2. Hi Carrie

    Thanks for sharing this, there are some really interesting comments here. It is great being able to gain insights into evyone elses mentoring sessions so that we can learn even more.

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