Jill Burns

Since 1986 Jill Burns has served as an educator, management consultant and executive coach. She is a recognized leader in the field of personal and executive coaching. Jill’s work with many large public and private sector organizations has taken her around the world to Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Norway, as well as many sites within the United States.

Jill’s mission is to empower executives and organizations to write their own future rather than be limited to a future that is thrust upon them by history or circumstance. As a powerful speaker and course leader, she has led personal development seminars and leadership trainings for thousands of people throughout her multi-faceted career. Her love of people and commitment to making a difference are a source of energy and value to her clients who come to her with a variety of goals to accomplish.

A graduate of the University of Vermont, Jill completed her BA with a dual major in French and Theater. At age 27 Jill experienced a personal transformation which dramatically altered the direction of her life. For the next 13 years Jill worked as a staff member for Landmark Worldwide, the largest personal development company in the world. At that time she dedicated her life to sharing with others the power of living a transformed life. At Landmark Jill was highly successful, rising to the position of Center Manager, managing 11 staff members and nearly 250 volunteers.

In 2005 Jill shifted her career to management consulting, working for The Handel Group and later for Sunergos. Over time Jill polished her craft as a senior management consultant, working with senior executives and their global teams on multi-billion dollar projects as well as working with much smaller organizations. Client organizations she worked with included ExxonMobil, Violy and Co., WDVD, Talisman, KBR, Worley Parsons and Spiecapag.

In her coaching Jill combines ECG’s proprietary and copyrighted transformational methodology with her keen listening and communication skills. Her coaching leads to significant bottom line results for companies and individuals.

Additionally her clients report breakthroughs in leadership development, communication, empowerment, team development and organizational culture shifts.

Jill lives in Stamford, CT. She is an active member of the community participating as a volunteer with the Starfish Connection and the local synagogue. She has one young son. Jill loves to travel and is an avid skier and golfer.